The‘’grand Triangle’’ mission is To restore the image of Africa, promote historical deportation sites called door of no-return in order to honor the memory of millions of blacks torn from their love one affection during the painful period of triangular slave trade. Reduce poverty by developing sustainable economic and social programs in order to stop illegal migration.

Following a discovery, one day in April 1998, during a visit to Grand Béréby in the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (West Africa) and I was invited to walk along the sea shore by the 1st deputy mayor when I could see some time-worn objects that attracted my attention, namely: three huge boat anchors and chains. To answer my curiosity, my companion, a native of the region, has informed me that it was then the remains of the slave trade experienced by the city of Grand Béréby which is part of a larger area called Coast teeth according to the story, with reference to the elephant teeth there were a valuable commodity for European, this place used to be a captured or purchased inland slaves grouping area to then deliver on the Goree island for final departure to the Americas.

This discovery has profoundly affected me, reminded me of the movie ROOTS by the African- American Alex HALLEY and some sequences flashed through my mind all night long.

Constantly rehashing my memory of this human tragedy, I imagined the foreground confusion captives and painful scenes of brutal separation from their families due to their forced departure to the new continent, and that in the worst conditions of deportation, which did germinate in my mind, the idea of foundations of the NGO I called the ''Grand Triangle''.

''The Triangle'' is the image of the slave ship route that evolved between Europe, Africa and the Americas, the three merchants’ poles of the so call triangular trade.

In order to honor the memory of the millions of African deportees, the NGO that I started to develop in 1999, was incorporated in August 28, 2000 in the state of New York in the United States of America, and have not stopped working for this purpose by bringing together men and women who shared the same ideals as Grand Triangle, Inc.

This document is the culmination of the hard work of research and analysis of historical facts, to realize this dream that started in South-western Côte d'Ivoire , in Grand Béréby with the help of goodwill acquired in this noble cause , the duty of remembrance to our ancestors deported over a period as long as four centuries.

With my humble gratitude,

Lancine DIAKITE, President and Founder